Alodium Enterprises of Welder Bogart Whitcher

Who I Am
Alodium Enterprises is my locally owned and operated company that provides Arizona and the surrounding areas with custom fabricated metalwork at competitive prices. I can make any metal creation you desire; from sculptures, countertops, deck and hand rail, ornamental gates, industrial artwork to swords - guaranteed. You can trust in more than 35 years of experience and 20 years of service in the Verde Valley of Arizona. Contact me today for all your metalwork needs!

Terrell "Bogart" Whitcher
Journeyman Welder

Bogart Whitcher

I've been a certified welding instructor and has been working with metal since 1973. I have numerous welding certificates, including arc welding and repair welding, and I love to be creative with metal, but I will do just about whatever welding job that you need. My work can be found all around the country and I have been working with some steel sculpture ideas that I hope to get posted online in the future.

Mary Louise Matson
My wife, partner, assistant, & webmaster

Mary Matson, formerly Mary Latterman

Mary is an Arizona artist with experience in varied media including ceramics, textiles, paints, and metal. Her artwork has been sold in over 300 Galleries and Gift Shops worldwide. She is currently applies her artistic skills mainly on the computer were she is now working on developing apps and writing code.