Alodium Enterprises of Welder Bogart Whitcher

Terrell "Bogart" Whitcher
Online Resume'

To protect privacy, contact telephone numbers of references have not been posted online. Full contact information and additional references are available on request.

Terrell “Bogart” Whitcher
1537 S. Verde Drive
Cottonwood,Arizona 86326
(928) - 634-8047

Work Experience

Diversified Enterprises, Alodium Enterprises
Self-Employed Journeyman (1986 - Present) - Welder, Fabricator
Cottonwood, Arizona United States
Business Owner

Currently located out of Cottonwood, AZ; formerly located in Clarkdale, AZ

*Please note when contacting references that I go by "Bogart" and that most references will not be familiar with my first name Terrell. I am happy to provide information on specific types of jobs that pertain to your area of interest.

A partial list of Contractors and Companies that may be contacted for job references:
Alternative Ironworks - Cottonwood, AZ; Jim Wheeler
SOS Security Systems - Cornville, AZ; Chris Cotter
Canyon Rose - Reserve, NM; Dale Deratany
Spectrum Construction - Cottonwood, AZ; Dave Gaffin
Inverness Contractors Inc - Phoenix, AZ; Paul Cole
Pollock Knives - Cedar Park, TX; Wally Pollock
Larry's Antiques - Cottonwood, AZ; Larry Lahaie

A partial list of individual Clients
Cottonwood, AZ; Joe Rackov
Cottonwood, AZ; Richard Shaffer
Cottonwood, AZ; Luke Cannon

A partial list of Suppliers
Yavapai Steel - Dewey, AZ; Bud Salome
Phoenix Welding Supply - Phoenix, AZ; Terry Braner

Duties: I have had more than 35 years of metal working experience in metal fabrication and welding, including repair work, in a huge variety of work applications. I have done stick, mig and tig welding. I use hand welding equipment, gas cutters, and plasma cutters to take my welding skills wherever it is needed. I have a 75-ton ironworker for fabricating metal prior to installation at a jobsite. Past independent jobs include commercial construction, rail, sculpture, structural steel work, hard facing, trailer/heavy equipment repair, fuel tank repair, architectural elements, wall art, and custom blades. I do both fabrication and installation. I am able to read structural prints. I am no stranger to operating heavy equipment needed, i.e. - forklift, pettibone, and etc. I have worked with aluminum, copper, steel, brass, magnesium and more. I have no problem with just about any welding test that you want to throw at me.

I have run my own company for more than 22 years, hiring, supervising, and managing employees for various jobs. I am a problem solver and facilitator. I have done prototyping of custom components and equipment and I have done production runs. I have worked as a regular subcontractor for a number of major construction companies. I have additional references and referrals that are available to any company that is seriously interested in considering my employment.

Yavapai Community College (02/27/1995 - 05/31/2001) - Welding Technology Instructor
Clarkdale, Arizona United States

Supervisor/Dean of College: Eula Saxon Dean

Duties: Instruct students in various aspects of welding and metal fabrication. I was one of the highest rated instructors by the Student Course Evaluations.

Various Businesses and Organizations (1980 - 1985) - Journeyman Welder, Tradesman
Numerous locations across the United States

Traveling across the United States in my youth, after leaving the Navy and acquiring my Welding Certificates, I worked for numerous companies doing whatever metal working jobs were needed. I also have some motor repair experience. A partial list includes the following:

Chattanooga Trailer Repair (General Automotive Repair Shop) - 6228 Bonny Oaks Dr., Chattanooga, TN; Welder and Mechanic
Southwest Forest Products - Steamboat Springs, CO; Construction of Saw Mill
Swanson & Sons - Arvada, Co; Metal Equipment Manufacturing Welder, truck bodies, dumpsters
Burton's VW Repair - Santa Barbara, CA; Welder and Mechanic
Longmont Turkey Processing - Longmont, CO; Repair Welder, all phases of maintenance and repair plantwide
Gaston Motorcycle Shop - 4110 S New Hope Rd, Gastonia, NC 28056; Welding and motorcycle repair

US Navy (01/30/1976 - 11/21/1979) - Inactive Reserves
Chattanooga, Tennessee United States
No record of activity

US Navy (11/30/1973 - 01/08/1976) - ENFN - Engineman Fireman
Norfolk, Virginia United States
Supervisor: Chief Goebel - Contact information Unknown

Duties: Served active duty on the ARS8 USS Preserver of the Atlantic Fleet as engineman/fireman. Duties included sound and security watch, all necessary maintenance and repairs in main engine room B1.


Vocational/Technical School
Tennessee State Area Vocational - Technical School (02/12/1979 - 05/09/1979)
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States
Degree: Certification - Welder, Arc
Hours of instruction - 1176

Vocational/Technical School
Tennessee State Area Vocational - Technical School (05/23/1977 - 02/23/1978)
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States
Degree: Certification - Welder, Repair
Hours of instruction - 871

Kirkman High School (11/21/1979 - 11/21/1979)
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States
Degree: GED
GPA: S. S. Avg 59.2

Additional Information

Certification - Teaching Certificate (07/16/2001)
Certification from the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona permitting employment as a occupational instructor for Welding Technology.

Certification - Teaching Certificate (02/27/1995)
Certification from the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona permitting employment as a welding instructor.

Certification - NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 1001 (01/01/1987)
Six years of ongoing training by the Town of Clarkdale, AZ
Fire Service Training to the level of Certified Firefighter II, issued by the office of the State of Arizona Fire Marshal. Training in the protection of life and property by combating, extinguishing and preventing fires. This included work training for and participating in fire fighting duties, providing emergency care for sick and injured persons and fire prevention activities, including routine maintenance of fire apparatus, as well as drilling and training in new fire fighting techniques and practices.

I have accomplished more than 20 years of clean and sober living since 12/04/1986. No drugs and no alcohol use.

Training - Effective Speaking and Human Relations (02/10/1977)
12 Week course, 42 hours
Dale Carnegie Training Course on mastering the capabilities demanded in a business environment. Training in persuasive communication, problem-solving and leadership in order to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions.