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Modified: Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crystal Custom Gate

For: Crystalique
Status: Competed
Location: Cornville, AZ USA

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Crystal Gate Arch

I have done many custom designed gates and steel picket fences, both commercial and residential, Throughout the Sedona and Verde Valley area in Northern Arizona. Many jobs are simple rail installation, but occasionally I have someone that wants something special and I am happy to provide the service. When doing a project like this, I have to take into account the function of the gate when working with the design. When dealing with a pool gate or a security fence, there is a need to keep the artistry within specified codes for the safety of small children. This kind of project allows for a little more creativity.

This customer wanted a large center opening arched residential rail gate with a crystal pattern in the center. Originally, the copper crystal design was to be a 2-D cut out. I was not quite satisfied with that and took it to the next level of 3-D crystals after consulting with my client.

Rail Detail
Copper Crystal Detail

The steel gate has a special patina on the pickets, which you can see more detail of in my gallery. Quartz crystals were mounted into the center of the gate after the installation.

The gate is held in place when open by special rockers that were custom fabricated. They lift to release the gate.

The Finished Custom Designed Gate