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Modified: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Copper Sconces
Tequa, Phase II
Village of Oak Creek, Arizona

A series of individually made Copper Sconces, cut and shaped like the Tequa logo, for the second phase of construction at the Tequa. The Village of Oak Creek is located in northern Arizona near Sedona. This is the second series of designer custom lighting fixtures created for this commercial construction project. The first set of sconces were in steel, but it was decided to use copper lights for the second phase. While all of the light sconces were patterned alike, each one was giving an individual unique pattern.

Custom Copper Light Sconce Custom Light Sconce
Copper Custom Lighting Designer Custom Lighting
Copper Designer Lighting Copper Designer Lighting at Night
Copper Designer Custom Lighting at Night Copper Custom Lighting at Night

Copper Sconces
Custom Home
Cottonwood, AZ

An outdoor copper custom light sconce, with cut-out mountain scenes for a desert custom home in Cottonwood. There were actually 17 matching custom-made lighting sconces that were created as architectural elements for this designer home.

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